S i k h i s m

The Universal World Faith

Sikh Religion is a Universal world faith. Sikhism believes in Universal Fatherhood & Universal Brotherhood. Sikhism preaches for Universal Guru & Universal Religion based upon Gurbani Ideology found in 'Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji'. Sikh gentlemen don't cut their hair either on their head or beard and observe their natural form as provided by the Almighty. They also keep ever their hair clean and shining with a wooden comb, always under the turban they keep tightened upon their head. It is because the Sikh people are easily acquainted all over the world due to their individual & universal distinctiveness.

Sikhism is the latest religion of the era. This is the religion, which is most logical, advance & progressive religion on this earth. No rituals, No superstitions, No blind faith, No logic less traditions. Sikh religion has devolped in itself the most appealing religion for the whole mankind. In a very short period, the Sikh religion has acquired the status of the world's most fascinating religions.

Sikh religion was started simply in 1469 A.D. with the Parkash (birth) of its founder "GURU NANAK DEV JI". Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born at Nankana Sahib then called Talwandi, in west Punjab (Pakistan). The Sikh religion soon justified itself to be the Unique, Universal & Natural religion for the whole mankind, In other words this faith has proved itself, the religion endorsed for the man being by its Creator, the Almighty.

Sikhism preaches the message of Dedication & Total Surrendering to the God's Will. How to know about, the issue of God's Will is well clarified & described in Sri Guru Grath Sahib Ji, the holly Scripture of Sikhism. Sikhism firmly stands for truthful living, high thinking & equality of mankind. Sikhism embraces open hearted every body on this earth without discrimination of sex, color or creed. Any body born in any religion or faith, high or low cast, from any corner of the world without partiality, can embrace Sikhism, by dedicating one's life to the principals & doctrines of Gurbani. In other words Sikhism is purely a Natural life with one's Natural Appearance & the Natural Living. Within Sikhism, There is no Artificiality, No Hypocrisy, No Showoff. Man born and dies in its Natural form and appearance provided to him by its Creator & this is the reality which we can see in the whole creation. Above all, if one's living is also a living, in tune with, Gurbani, one can easily enjoys high, natural, truthful & Peaceful Living. This is what? the Sikhism is.

Sikh religion has its own Identity in every respect of life. GURU GRANTH SAHIB (the Holy Scripture) is the Unique GURU as per Sikhism. Sikh is always the worshipper & follower of the Supreme truth found in the form of Gurbani Teachings. A Sikh is never a follower of any man being or personality worshiper.


The word 'Sikh' is a restricted & Specified WORD with its particular specific definition:

The word Sikh is a particular word, used by Guru Nanak Sahib for the Ist time in the history of mankind with its particular definition and specified meaning. The word is strictly used for a person, male or female, who had dedicated & fully surrendered the life to the doctrine and teachings of Gurbani. Never before, the word 'Sikh', within the whole universe was ever used by any religion, any faith, any person or any culture. Hence the word 'Sikh' belongs to a particular terminology. Its definition is well described and defined quite clearly by the Great Guru, Himself within Gurbani, so many times. Never fair it is, and even it is mischievous sometimes to intermix or endeavor to dilute this most respected, meaningful, terminologised, prescribed, restricted & limitised word, to equalise with other existing words found in different languages and cultures of the world. The word was particularly & strictly terminologised, but some people try to equalize it with the general words-just as student, pupil, seeker, vidyarthi, talib, shagird etc which is obviousely & absolutely a bad practice. In fact, the word 'Sikh' is basically termed from the word 'Sikhya' - found in Punjabi Language, which literly means teachings. Therefore, The question arises in itself that a 'Sikh' is person who has to follow the 'Sikhaya' (teachings). But again the 'Sikhaya' of whom? Hence the Great Guru Himself confirmed & confined this word for a person that…….A person is a 'Sikh' who confines to the Sikhaya (teachings) from Gurbani & fully dedicated to…….can be termed as a Sikh, not otherwise.

For the whole mankind-GURU is always..

One and only One---not so many or different for one man and the other..... for one religion and the other. As per the concept of Sikh Religion…….. Guru is Unique & Universal………………Accordingly within Sikhism, Ten are the GURU Personalities or ten Masters………or ten Patshahies…….. Obviousely it is incorrect to say Ten Gurus.....Guru is always One & Unique for the whole Universe. We must be anxious and inclined to understand the significance of 'Guru' for the human being.

Guru is the oldest and traditional word within the Indian Society & Culture. Wheresoever the Sikh Doctrine is concerned, it has given entirely the different & particular confined definition of this particular word. Sikhism has a very specific definition for the word 'Guru'. Nevertheless, Sikhism takes the said word in any way, as the world was being used ever before. Sikhism believes in Universal Fatherhood & hence the Universal Brotherhood. The Universal Father is the Unique Almighty-God & as per the 'Sikh terminology' AKAL PURRKH. He is the absolute Creator, Omnipresent & Omnipotent. He dwells, every where within His Creation. He is Time less, form less, Color less and never takes birth. Guru is, one of the Creator's Own major character but not different from Himself (Almighty). It further means that as per 'Gurbani' elaboration, Almighty's own, the Divine Guidance & Blessing process for mankind is remembered by the word 'GURU'.

And hence, GURU also prevails everywhere because He is the Creator Himself & not other than AKAL PURKH Himself. To clarify the fact we quote one example here: Just we see the color or cologne or beauty- in each flower: but none is different from the said flower. Simply these are all the different names to clarify and define the different characters of the same flower.

Similarly the Universal Qualities of the Supreme Almighty just as Supreme Truth, Supreme Wisdom or His Ever Living Character etc. are all have different meanings and rises out of His Existence-reminds us His numourous Virtues and Blessings. These all are summed up by the world within Sikh philosophy are 'Guru'. 'Guru' is the ever living, omnipresent & omnipotent Supreme Truth about His whole Creation, which balances our worldly life with our spiritual life. The GURU yields us the highest and truthful living & shower His Own blessings in our life, when we dedicate completely to His Order or Will.

At the same time, the Unique Guru not only shower His blessings to the devotees but also explicit & make obvious the human being about each & every type of ignorance, occurs day to day, within our life and conscious us too. On the other hand when we try to equalize the word 'GURU' or intend to explain the word 'Guru' from Gurbani but comparing it with its traditional or prevailing meanings from other cultures, religions, philosophies and sects- not only we get confused ourselves, but we also misguide others.

GURU NANAK was the born GURU and Light House of the Universal Truth i.e. He was straightway the personification or Embodiment of the Ever Living Unique Universal Guru (Almighty) and same is in the case of "GURU GRANTH SAHIB" or GURBANI Guru Nanak Sahib Himself provided for the mankind as a whole. And hence, what so ever Guru Nanak said accepeted or wrote, above five centuries back, each & every word stands in to-to even to-day. No doubt, this Universal Truth will also remain always un-challenged just as daylight, even thousands & lacks of years to come. Within such a short period of five centuries, the whole world has been squished, Science has brought forth hundreds of novel wonders & inventions out of the creation, for the mankind, but still stands far behind from GURBANI LIGHT HOUSE. When so ever Science invents some thing as latest or novel, we find the same issue, very much clarified & well defined before, there within Gurbani. For the scholar of Gurbani, Science has nothing invented any thing new which we don't find quoted in Gurbani Principals, fundas & doctrine.

TOP MOST WONDROUS WE FIND IN THE LIFE OF THE UNIQUE GURU-GURU NANAK    that to whom so ever His Bakhshish (Grace or Mercy) showers i.e. in whomsoever, He infused His own consciousness, may be out of any of His disciples or a common man, became Guru Nanak Himself. Not only this, so much so, that the others became worthy of retaining & passing through them the same Light to the successor. This resulted, subsequently that there were nine more and total ten Guru Personalities, ten Patshahies or ten Masters but proved themselves to be of the same status of Guru Nanak. Not only in word and deed but also in each and every respect. Each proved Himself the same Light House of the same Unique & Universal Truth. And hence GURU REMAINED THE SAME i.e. GURU NANAK.   No body on this earth can differentiate or isolate one from the other- when subsequently they became owners of the same infused consciousness. What so ever they uttered through their own person was in to-to in word & tune with-Whatsoever Guru Nanak said, accepted, Himself in the form of Gurbani. All proved the Divine Truth for Ever, for the centuries over & the centuries to come. This Universal Divine Truth can never gets dull or dim with the time, place or space. It is the Ever living Divine Truth for which Gurbani it self confirms as:

"Sach purana na thie, Naam na maila hoe" "The True Lord does not grow old, His Name is never dirtied" (SGGS Page 1248 with its English Translation) and again" Sach purana hove Nahin" The Truth does not grow old" (SGGS Page956 with its English Translation)

Principally these are the 'Gurbani Fundas' or the 'Principals of Gurbani' which are ever required as universal and primary truth for a human life- irrespective of their caste, color, sex, age, faith, nationality or religion. Each of the Ten GURU Personalities represents the same divine attributes through their word and deeds.

Basically, 'Guru' is the word derived from Sanskrit- It is from two of its root words which are 'GU' & 'RU' and meant respectively darkness & Light. Total word means Shower of Knowledge (Light) into the darkness of ignorance in human life. And so Gurbani is capable to finish this darkness in total. Whereas the lack of divine living in human life creates ignorance and results in all types of social, religious, economical, political & all other sorts of evils and crimes within the society at each and every level of life. May be the ignorance at the individual-family-society-country or international level. Only the Divine Truthful living can wash & erase this darkness of Ignorance- So does the Gurbani.

The fundamental Truth of Gurbani in brief is   when a person becomes obedient to the Universal Father & surrenders in totality, oneself to God's Will .. So many qualities in one's Nature & living rise automatically as Humility in genuine in one's nature- Spirit of Self Sacrifice - Justice -Mercy & Equality in Service for the human race as a whole, without partiality & discrimination. Purity in one's life- Tranquility of one's mind with Courageous nature & so on.



Living in Sikhism is based upon three idle principals of life as directed by the Great Guru Himself and can be studied from Gurbani.


 Recite and practice the teachings of Gurbani.


Do good deeds and earn your livelihood quite honestly with hard work as directed by Gurbani teachings.


Share your honest earnings with needy, meek and down trodden.

At a Glance...

HARI MANDIR SAHIB   (The Golden Temple) at Sri Amritsar, Punjab (India) is the worlf level SIKH CENTER within the Darbar Sahib complex.

SRI AKAL TAKHAT SAHIB    Constucted by the Sixth Patshahi, Guru Hargobind Ji Himself in the year 1609 A.D. He named it 'Akal Bunga' and became Himself its Ist Caretaker. At that time Guru Ji had two times 'Sat Sangh' over there. Guru ji used a 'takhat' (i.e. a wooden sitting table) with a purpose to address the daily congregation. Steadily with the time passed due to the 'Takhat' there, name of the Akal Bunga, turned into 'Akal Takhat'. This Bunga is located within the complex of Darbar Sahib & facing Harimandir Sahib At Amritsar in Punjab (INDIA). This is the Sikh temporal authority i.e. Politically the SUPREME AUTHORITY within Sikhism to guide Sikh Community time to time when needed by the way of 'Gurmat' & approved within Sarbat Khalsa called for the purpose.

A continuous recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib, lasting approximately in 48 hours or above, by a team of readers but must be listenable and understandable by listeners. The system started within the community later on but not found within the Guru personality period.

WAHEGURU Ji KA KHALSA   WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH   At the time of greeting others, at the time time of addressing or closing one's speech etc. within Sikhism the wording from both the sides used is: "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh".

BOLE SO NIHAL    SAT SRI AKAL   This entire slogan within Sikhism is awarded by Guru Ji Himself. It iiterally means that the person are persons who will always remain in their consciousness and utterance the 'Ever living Esteemed Almighty (Sat Sri Akal) - They will always enjoy the high & glorious spirit. This Double Side usable Slogan, within Sikhism is used mostly at the times of congregations, Nagar Kirtans (Sikh Processions) and within the battle-fields. On one side, one of the persons speaks loudly the words 'Bole So Nihal'. On the other side as a whole collectively response by 'Sat Sri Akal'

SAT SRI AKAL   No doubt instead of the basic meeting slogan "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh" in general routine the word -SAT SRI AKAL- has been prevailed. Though this word is not a word beyond Sikh Glossary but has its different use and concept. This solgan is not a meeting or greeting slogan. Its basic information will be found seperately uner the title 'Bole So Nihal---Sat Sri Akal'

There is also a particular IDENTITY in the names of Sikh masses. In case of a Male & Female the words 'SINGH' & 'KAUR' are used respectively in the end of their name. Literally the word 'Singh' means a lion ie a Sikh person is always expected in the society as a lion of virtues with truthful & high living derived from Gurbani Teachings (Sikhya). Similarly, the word 'Kaur' is of the equal rank and means Princess.

Again this is a matter of proud within Sikhism. Principally for a Sikh, the Doctrine of Gurbani, clarifies fully the same & respectful status for the both - male & the female. Based upon the equality status provided to both within Sikhism, only the last word 'Singh' or 'Kaur' identifies their sex. Whreas the basic names of the both are the same in case of Male & Female. Most probably, this system do not exist anywhere in the world in this case.

A RELIGIOUS central place for Sikh congregations. For their daily morning and evening prayers & other family functions. Gurdwaras are found in each and every locality where do the Sikh family or families resides. As per the Sikh doctrine the beginning of the day of each & every Sikh or a devotee in Sikh community must start after having the blessings and learning the teachings from Gurbani and offering prayers by joining their daily common congregations & Ardaas (way of Prayer within Sikhism) in the presence of 'GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI'. In fact the word Gurudwara within 'Gurbani' has its different meaning. Basically for this purpose the word ever used at the times of Guru personalities was 'Dharam Sal' and that is appropriate word. We must be conscious about.