Why there is an Ultimate Need of Gurmat Lessons?

Why Self Gurmat Study at home is a call of the day?

Absolutely a novel type of 'Gumat Project' from Gurmat Education Centre, Delhi (G.E.C. Delhi) within the Community. The Project is based upon the program of 'Self Gurmat Coaching at Home' by the way of always 'Freshly prepared-Topic Wise-Self Learning-Gurmat Based Lessons'

If not it is a matter of great concern when our community is deserting rapidly as a flash. Therefore it is not wise to keep silent about..

'Gurmat Education Center, Delhi' in addition to other projects in process, has launched a project to provide "Self Gurmat Education at Home". This Education is to be provided purely based upon the doctrine of "Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji" in the form of ' Self Learning-Topic Wise Gurmat Lessons' and to reach at each & every door of 'Guru Ki Sangat' all over the world merely with the cooperation of numerous hands from 'Guru Ki Sangat'.

Surely it is not only the 'Gurmat Education Centre, Delhi' alone which is apprehensive over the issue. Numerous individuals and societies are also plunged over the issue day & night but again the trouble is increasing rapidly, why? A larger part of our community is being de-shaped & have gone apostate? If the treatment is perfect then the result should also had been encouraging and not discourging. Even the Sikh masses, which are being seen, properly intact with Sikh appearance. ........Within this sector, even there is a large number of those, who have gone through 'Khande Ki Pahul'.........Yet in most of the cases, such people are also found, far away from the teachings of Gurbani during their actions and deeds. Undoubtedly, If the same will go on and permitted to carry on, then how long we can survive as a Sikh of the Great Guru, on this earth.

On the other hand, simply when we have a glance at our neighbors i.e. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and others- their number is increasing on the spur of the moment, day by day. Whereas the number of the Sikh community is decreasing, steep fast.

If we assert the issue- 'IN NUT SHELL......... BUT MOST HONESTLY'- 'We shall find, No body on this earth is allergenic to the Teachings & Sikhaya of the Great Guru-Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The same is going on, with the Sikh generation & masses who are betraying from Sikh Living' today. The root cause of this whole tragedy is to affirm that the teachings, instructions, doctrine, wisdom & guide lines- in other words the accurate & proper Sikhaya of Gurbani is not reaching in general to the masses concerned & so the result is.

Therefore this all is what we are endeavoring to impart the Universal Truth & Way Of Life from-Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, in the form of Topic wise Gurmat Lessons to the general masses. These Lessons are available in a very-very simple, summarized, graspable, catchy, attractive & clear cut language.

With the help of this project, these Gurmat Lessons are expected to reach, each & every family concerned at no profit no loss basis, even sometimes if possible then 'Free of Cost'. But all with the cooperation & by lending their hand.......From innumerable dedicated devotees of Gurbani. This is the way by which we can survive our community from the clutches of the chronic disease of betrayal and apostate. Doubtlessly, at preset, this is a fatal epidemic within our community. It can easily swallow whole of us. We are to be cautious & certain about, that our most logic full, modern, advance & evergreen Sikh Religion with its Natural Living has been caught & shaken. This is the time to get awaken and the 'Gurmat Education Centre, Delhi' is running-forward towards, but with your assistance and not without.

The enlisted Gurmat Lessons are always freshly & newly prepared & readily available all the times with 'Gurmat Education Centre, Delhi, These Lessons are to be obtained for further distribution within 'Gurmat World'. Our Theme behind this is 'Topic Wise-Self Gurmat Learning and Coaching at Home'.

The Lessons are accessible from the G.E.C.Delhi, at extremely close to printing expenditure. Most of the Gurmat Lessons are procurable- EACH HUNDRED COPIES SIMPLY @ Rs.200/- or 300/- but in rare cases maximum upto 500/- (P&P Extra) and not above. The rates of these Gurmat Lessons are determined & affixed simply at 'No profit No loss' bases, merely to maintain and expand the project, extremely towards Gurmat Parsaar intention and nothing else. The Society is totally an Educational, Social, Charitable and Welfare Society. (For Overseas-The Gurmat lessons are dispatched by surface or by air mail in approx. 5 Kg. packs, within India even 50 copies pach can be despatched).

Gurmat Lessons available are mostly written by 'Principal Giani Surjit Singh' Sikh Missionary, Delhi Obtainable from: Gurmat Education Centre, Delhi. Lessons are available for Distribution motto within towards Gurmat Parsaar, at a quite and nominal printing cost (P&P Extra) Email- Whereas All 'Guru Ki Sangat' rights, For all Gurmat Lessons are reserved with the writer himself.

List of some Gurmat Lessons which can be availed at present in Punjabi Script and very soon the Lessons are also being translated in English and Hindi. The Gurmat Lessons are available within the packs of 50 copies of each lesson for further distribution.