Sikhism is a universal world faith. This religion is the most advance, logical evergreen and the genuine religion for the human being. This is the religion which is adorned by its Creator from the very birth of the human being. Guru Ji did never gave birth to any new religion. In reality, Guru Ji put forth the un-adulterated genuine religion in light which had been elapsed. Guru Ji rejected all the man made religions plainly and boldly. The Gurbani Sikhaya neither has its alternative nor any substitute.

In spite, the Sikh religion seems to be eliminating very rapidly. The successive generations are going far away from it, why it is so? Most of the young are embracing apostasy. The matter needs highest attention & ultimate awareness.

Going deep into the crisis, it becomes quite apparent that those people, who are betraying Sikh religion or going apostate, if fact they are not allergenic with the Sikhism at all. In fact, the crystal clean Gurbani Sikhaya is not reaching to them. Doubtlessly, the reasons are numerous but our ultimate requirement is to alleviate it, with the most primitive manner and some long term appropriate measures are needed to be adopted for the purpose. Gurbani is a guarantee for a realistic life for each and every person on this earth. Also Gurbani Sikhaya is the birth right, at least of all those, who believe in and respect Guru Nanak or born within a family of 'Guru Ki Sangat'.

The Gurbani Teachings (Sikhaya) are also expected to reach of them automatically, without demand, FREE of cost and even when they donot visit Gurduaras. The process is also needed to continue for a generation after generation in routine and most systematically.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE the Project in hand.....of 'Gurmat Lessons' ...

Basically it is a very long term Panthik project & mostly being carried out by Donations for its development & expansion. Such donations and co-operation is established from 'Guru Ki Sangat' residing far and vide all over the world. Moreover it is a non profitable institution and besides donations, the funds are also maintained by the direct orders for 'Gurmat Lessons' from all over the world & those orders are entertained. In addition to it the 'Gurmat Lessons' also reach far and vide, with a purpose of 'Topic Wise-Self & Free Gurmat Learning and Coaching at Home' through the system of different types of Memberships as below:

OBTAIN & DISTRIBUTE MEMBERSHIP: within India a person or a society can share & participate the project having one's own OBTAIN & DISTRIBUTE Membership with the Centre .......... This Membership starts from Rs. 600/- P.A. and above as Rs. 1200/-, 2000/-, 3000/-. 5000/-, P.A. & so on......... As per one's position, requirement, inclination, or attachment to the program & Project. In return the different Gurmat lessons of the equivalent amount are dispatched time to time by G.E.C Delhi, but during the period. For abroad a pack of lessons for Free distribution is send against $40 USA each pack monthly, bi-monthly, tri-monthly or eventually....... as per requirement , including Postage & Packing cost etc.

MUTUAL INTRACTION MEMBERSHIP- The Centre has also launched a personal Membership towards 'Topic wise Gurmat Lesson based upon the system of 'Self Gurmat Coaching at Home'. This Membership is basically the 'Mutual Interaction Membership'. Within India is Rs. 100/- P.A. and similarly $ 12 for USA, $ 15 for Canada & 10 for UK per annum & so on.

Through this membership, each & every Member is provided in a monthly routine.............But very systematically different 'Gurmat Lessons' for the purpose of 'Topic wise-Self Gurmat Coaching at home'........ All above, our ultimate motive behind this Membership is to bring our Gurmat Families mutually nearer to Each Other. Different programs can also be launched time to time, to achieve the motto of mutual interaction........within the enlisted members.

DONOR'S & EVENTUAL MEMBERSHIP- As the project is a very long term and most needed project of the time, 'The Guru Ki Sangat' is also requested to send its DASWANDH as a routine or eventually as much as it is possible, on one's part. Also, please do not forget to spare & send some funds for this 'Door to Door Gurmat Coaching Project' at the times of your House hold Functions. Our ultimate theme is to reach, each & every family concerned, most systematically and in routine, with our 'Topic wise Gurmat Lessons......'A self Learning & Coaching Project at Home'. All along, we are also pursuing to make certain that the 'Gurmat Education' for the generations to come...... Free, periodically, without Demand-Automatically and most Systematically'

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