Purpose to launch the Site....

Critical Situation and our understanding about ?

No doubt there are plenty of Sikh Sites, Moreover every body or the organization who has launched the Site is respectable & doing well to one's capacity. Even then in most of the cases there seems, one following the other. The basic work of identifying or to high light the proper Sikh History-Living & Gurbani way of life, evidently seems to be missing near about everywhere. In most of the cases work is marvelous and much praiseworthy but basic Truth of identification is apparently does not seems to be coming forward. Adulteration and the fraud by which the Sikh History, Gurbani Meanings and Sikh way of life has been mollified & distorted, is to the extreme. The crisis are still seems continuously being complicating it steep-fast. For about three centuries back....... i.e. the infiltration started just after the martyrdom of Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur i.e. after the year 1716 A.D. Henceforth this fundamental problem does not seems to be touched throughout. Nevertheless, by going more and more deep, into the adulteration done with Sikh History, Gurbani meanings, or its enlightenment, above all the Sikh Living .... the damaging process is horrifying, awful, & dreadful. Issue of Identification the facts by scratching the layers of trash, is itself a terrible struggle & not easy to understand even. Then further to undertake the work to unearth it, is most unpleasant & dreadful even.

Need of the time is.....To be a practical

This fundamental problem is not being touched. Nevertheless, with going more and more deep, into the defilement done with Sikh History & issue of towards highlighting of the Sikh living is being multifold & over lapped rather. It is beyond question, that the Sikh living is purely based upon Gurbani Way of Life. Merely our unlimited labor, enthusiasm, zeal, anxiety or apprehension over the issue will yield nothing to the crisis and can't benefit the community. Rather this over lapping of the defilement sometimes seems to be making much more harm & also creating abundance of difficulties to rectify it in the near future. No doubt, if this all will remain going on, our generations will have to pay a lot. Not only but it will confuse the masses on the whole. Our purpose is to launch this channel, starting from where we had actually gone astray. Before, if we step forward for any work on any of the Sikh sites....The identification and the personal realistic life, solely based upon Gurbani Sikhaya (Teachings) is all the more an urgency as well as a necessity.

Sikhism.... a Purpose Full Life...

Sikh Community means an assemblage of persons whose living is honestly based upon the Sikhaya i.e. the teachings of Gurbani. Sikhism is not such a type of religion where a person simply may claim that 'I am a Sikh' or 'I believe in Sikhism' 'I believe in Guru Sahib'.'I do go to Gurduara'....... 'I respect Gurbani' and all that. Beyond the Sikhaya & without being committed to Gurbani Principals, throughout one's own life, a person may simply satisfy oneself that he or she is a Sikh. But this all is his or her own claim.........Neither he or she can justify oneself a Sikh in the eyes of the world nor within the community or society. Above all, such a person can not be sanctified in the true court of the Guru & Akaal Purkh. This way the person straightway ruins the precious human life, blessed to him or her by the Creator Lord Himself. Gurbani is a guarantee towards a Divine life for a seeker and results in yielding the seeker a Truthful Living, High thinking daubed in glistening immortality, filled up with boundless virtues..........Based upon the principals affixed for the human life by its Maker & defined within Gurbani.

OUR Theme Behind to launch the SITE is...

Gurbani is a guarantee for a realistic life for each and every person upon this earth. Also, at least It is the birth right of all those, who are directly attached with 'Guru Ki Sangat' and believe in the philosophy of Guru Nanak. In fact, those people are, straightway the members of the Guru's family. Therefore the Sikhaya (Teachings) of Gurbani is must to reach them automatically........ lest they demand for it.... FREE of cost.......Even without visiting Gurduaras.The process is also to continue generation after generation. Therefore for the purpose, long term programs & projects are required. Moreover, the teachings of Gurbani, must reach them in crystal clear form....very honestly......with a spirit of dedication. This is what we want to achieve with this web site. With this process we are in severe need of an extreme co-operation from the side of Guru-Ki-Sangat. Doubtlessly this all is feasible only with the Grace of Akaal Purakh........... without which it is not even possible to achieve.

Our Further Requirement is   to make it sure & endeavor to raise & suggest a few more, such long term projects within the community, to achieve our motto. In addition to it, our motto should run stable & undeviating channel towards this long term significant thinking..........This is our major obligation. So that the flow of authentic Gurmat, solely based upon Gurbani Preaching, may never stop. It may protect us, generation after generation routinely, repeatedly, automatically & smoothly. Furthermore, our living in Gumat or Gurbani, may ever remain ineffective from the daily outer interventions.

Matter of Great Concern  Undoubtedly! The prevailing methods today in the field of preaching the Sikhism are mostly filled up with ignorance about Gurbani Teachings. Moreover the systems are over lapped with rituals, customs and logic less traditions, limitless faults & tremendous hurdles. This all can finish us even from the surface of the earth. Our dictum is to get conscious & make vigilant our community from this everyday repeated horror, which can easily be read written on the wall.

We also want to share our thoughts about the present distorted position of Sikhism. No doubt, generally today's Sikh people are very quick & easy to blame T.V. programs, western culture, outer powers and so on, as the cause of this deterioration. We don't refuse........But let's be some what more serious about, that ultimately who is supplying the fuel to the anti powers.  Alas! we must try to think & knock under our own table. Guru Ji warns us about:  "O human being, search your own heart every day, and do not wander around in confusion" (Tr. from Page 727 of SGGS)

                          "bMdy Koju idl hr roj nw iPru pryswnI mwih" (pM: 727)

However , this is a spotless truth, that mostly the Sikh masses are themselves responsible to creating this worst situation. We can not spare most of the Sikh web sites... 'Dehra' type parchar & publications of the same track..... current preaching methods on the whole..... The crooked and false material being supplied to the community by our preachers.....All are the primary & leading sources which are also overflowing with defilement & corrupt matter about Sikhism. During the circumstances........Even the international level foremost programs, projects & the publications of the day, are producing the material far from the genuine Sikh Ideology & History. Whereas, all of this should had been based upon authentic Gurbani Sikhaya..............But, this all is lacking badly over there. As a result, longer the reach & larger the programs.......greater & quicker becomes the deterioration & disaster.

Celebrations of Centuries Are Becoming a Curse...........Then Who Is Responsible for it? A little time back, we have experienced the celebrations of the Baisakhi 1999. This all was done & observed incorrectly as the '300th Century of Khalsa Birthday'. Moreover this all was preceded at international level. As a result the action in fact, has dumped whole of the community in a deep well from where it will take at least 100 years to come out. Only then, it may be possible for us to reach the place, from where we had drowned. The running year again claims a few centuries more, not bad if these are celebrated with arousing and awakening. Otherwise, whatsoever today is the level of the community; about its enlighten-ness .....Surely the chances for our deepest grave are very bright, from where we may lose much excessively to the limit, that even the enemy can never do so. It may become incurable for the centuries to come. Undoubtedly, we have proved ourselves the "most intelligent" children to our 'Great Guru Personalities'....... & Such a "Competent Children" who have easily spoiled their precious hardest earning of 239 Years within such a short time.

Hence we don't ask that the Centuries may not be celebrated but we request that the centuries should be dedicated to the filtration of our present Sikh living and securitizing it , most honestly. This way, we can also justify our self as a true Sikh, in the eyes of our Great Guru.

Why Sikhism is facing the age of deterioration these days?

So many excuses are being forwarded every day but without diagnosing the core cause of the trouble. For example:

Some people say that by the evolution of science and its daily new inventions have made the world dissenter & rebel from the religious life. It is the fundamental phenomenon. Therefore, there is nothing different with the Sikh masses.

Some justifies that due to the outcome from the western culture which has entered the Indian society. It has changed the taste of the people. So mostly the masses have inclined to that... They also curse T.V. Internet & the advancement in technology as they summed up "it adds fuel to it".

Some claim that Preaching of Sikhism is much less than the limit it is required.

Going though, all such reasons of the same track, we are confirmed, that these and such plenty of root causes which are being produced everyday, are not the basic truth but these are merely the excuses, without diagnosing the critical cause of the trouble, as:

F No doubt with the advancement in science the majority of the religions of the world, which were mostly based upon blind faiths, rituals and false tradition are seems to be eliminating from the scene. Some others are modifying there dead and baseless theories with new clarifications and definitions, as per the need of the time, toward their survival. A few others are advancing towards gripping their principals and traditions more rigidity, rather those do not go expire with the developments. But contrary to this all, Sikhism i.e. the doctrine of Gurbani is becoming more & more sublime and being glorified as a day light.

F It is again ridicules to blame the advancement within the western culture or the T.V and the latest technology. This is a fundamental truth that.....Only the tasteless item can be replaced by some tasteful or powerful item.....and If in fact..... The taste of Gurbani Living is properly provided within one's worldly routine requirements .... none of the taste of the world can overpower or capture it. Similarly none of the ideology of the universe can prove itself more powerful as compared to Gurbani way of life........ But even then, we are lingering behind and lacking every where, why?....... Similarly the T.V and speedy innovation in the field of technology..... has made much easy for us to get acquainted & identify ourselves, with the concrete Sikh Life rather we may get bore or go astray.

F It is again utterly and inaccurate judgment if we say that......... the preaching and the resources being applied upon the preaching of 'Sikhism' are acute or too less........ These days.......... so many websites are engaged for the purpose...... T.V Channels have been occupied.........Day & night, Semi Radio Stations are busy all over the world......innumerable Ragi-Dhadi Jathas & Kathawachaks recite & illustrate upon Sikhism , which can be seen all the times on flights to the same cause ......... billions of Akhand Paths and Sehaj Paths are being preformed, all the times.........Singh Sabhas and Gurduara Management Committees are countless.........innumerable Gurduaras have already been constructed, all over the world in each nook and corner........The number of splended Gurduaras is still increasing every day........ In addition to all of these the so called 'Kirtan Darbars' and Kirtan in larees (Series) is non stop.

In spite of all of this......... The Shabad Chowki Jathas, Sevak Jathas, Societies & Organisations of Sikh Young men are unlimited, along with non-stop preaching & their own type of work upon Sikhism.......The 'Istri Sat Sangh Sabhas' are again in-estimate-able number........ None of the time can be spared when a person can say that the preaching process of Sikhism is not going on. Near about each and every Sikh person, attached to this process is engaged from multi sides and you will find them engaged in the preaching or 'sewa' of Sikhism.

Hence, it will prove ridiculous to say and absolutely not justified to quote that the preaching Section of Sikhism is acute, smaller or weak. Contrary to it, If sometimes, with the Grace of the Lord, we may get awaken..........We shall find that perceptibly we are not preaching Sikhism .......But all the more we are distorting Sikhism all the time and with all of our said activities. In reality we are preaching adulterated History & infiltrated Sikh way of life, mouth eaten stories, extremely falsehood, logic less customs, Anti Sikh traditions. rituals, whims and all above, absolutely the Brahmanism & Vipavaad.......... Thus whatsoever we are supplying under the garb of Sikhism...... is not a Sikhism at all. Consequently as a result, we are losing everything in each and every field of life pertaining to Sikhism.

Rather to blame others, we ourselves are much more responsible for the present day deterioration within the Sikhism. If we are really honest to the crisis within Sikhism, we ought to be conscious and realistic about.

How can we Achieve our Motto and finish this deterioration for ever?

Some long term programs & Projects are required to be launched to face the present critic situation. The Sikhism should ever shower in well Identified form. This all must go on most honestly, carefully & strictly based upon Gurbani Sikhaya with the spirit of dedication towards the Great Guru-Guru Granth Sahib ji. Our Preacher must be well learned, qualified, experienced. He or She should be of sweet and catchy behavior. He or She should also have the high personality and good living standard along with crystal clear guidelines from Gurbani within his or her routine of life.

A few humble suggestions in the form of 'PUNJ NUKATI PROGRAM' (five point program) are being underlined. We are sure that if these come in routine & practice to the earliest, A systematic era within the Preaching of Sikhism will start for ever. We will certainly get rid of the day to day deterioration & distortion within our community. Even as a result the whole of humanity will enjoy the sigh of peace.

Our Humble Suggestion- the 'PUNJ NUKATI PROGRAM'


To prepare Extra summarized topics in the form of 'Gurmat Lessons' Solely based upon Gurbani Sikhaya (Teachings) without standing physically or intellectually in between.

F In very soft, attractive, catchy & pretty language without hurting, blaming any body or any organization but strictly by highlighting most honestly the Gurbani doctrine in its crystal clear form. Also keeping in view the psyche of the readers. Above all generating the consciousness among the masses about infiltration, defilement, adulteration rising day to day within the community.

F Absorbing doubts & questions gets arisen or got created time to time. May be due to ignorance or due to outer intervention from the anti powers, who do not want to see the advancement & flourishing of Sikhism. Either they do it for their mean selfish motives or due to some other reasons.

F The said Gurmat Lessons should purely be based upon Gurbani Terminology & Principals with a strict check up upon adulteration...... though the said adulteration got entered intentionally or un-intentionally, within the Sikh history, Gurbani explanations or preachings of Sikhism.

F To make sure that the Gurmat lessons must reach, within each & every family attached with Guru Ki Sangat...... at international level, free of cost and even without demand from their side. Moreover with a priority in Gurmukhi script, and then in each and every language of the world to the limit it is possible.

F Make sure that the said Gurmat lessons must reach periodically, systematically ...... generation after generation & got flown freely within the Sikh Congregations, to make available very easy.

F The cooperation of the Sikh thinkers, sympathizers, supporters must be got availed physically, financially and by all means without partiality for this long term project.

The work upon this project is already in progress by GEC, Delhi (India). Near 100 Gurmat Lessons are always in routine but the target is to prepare 400 Lessons. The multi type cooperation from 'Guru Ki Sangat' is requested from all over the world.


Part Time Promotional Gurmat Classes..

Why Promotional Part time Gurmat Classes ?

Gurbani Knowledge is essential for each & every body upon this earth. This Divine Knowledge is the ultimate obligation to get balance our worldly life with our spiritual life & make our life sublime. The human errors and the reasoning within human miseries can only be puffed up and got cured, under the light house of Gurbani. Even a person who belongs to 'Guru Ki Sangat' and dedicated to Gurbani, can never enjoy the reality of life without 'Living within Gurbani Sikhaya'. To benefit the fragrance of High, Truthful and Peaceful living, a person has to follow the principals of Gurbani. Without it's study, the do's & don'ts out of our human life are not even smoothly accessible.

Such 'Gurbani Classes' are must for a person though he or she is a Serviceman, Businessman, Shopkeeper, Factory holder, Defense Personal, Agriculturist, Industrialist, Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, Student, Administrator & even a Sikh Preacher or whatsoever. The living within the Gurbani Teachings is a necessity for ever body. For this reason, only the part time promotional Gurbani-Gurmat classes can suffice the purpose.

Difference Between the Prevailing and 'Promotional Gurmat Classes':

The suggested 'Part time-Promotional Gurmat Classes' are entirely different from the 'Gurmat Classes' prevailing these days all over the world. Basically those prevailing Classes, can be termed as 'Mini Satsangs' and not Gurmat Classes'. Above all these 'Mini Satsangs' have their own significance which can never be refused, ignored or over crossed. Even then the need of the 'Part time-Promotional Gurmat Classes' is extraordinary.

Here the word 'Gurmat Educational Class' should stand for an educational assemblage in which always there is a change & progress in a particular session after session based upon promotional system... likewise equally on the lines of the same system which we see daily within colleges and schools. At least, an Educational Class should never remain as a standing water within a pond.............. throughout the years to come, with the same assemblage. This is but, what is going on, in the case of existing 'Gurmat Educational Classes' basically the 'Mini Satsangs'. 'Gurmat Educational Classes' are required to equivalent to the procedure of the water in a river where the existing running water always departs and the subsequent water takes its place and the process goes on.


This step is a necessity for each and every person attached with 'Guru Ki Sangat'. The preliminary Gurmat awareness & practice of Gurbani living, within one's life is the basic truth for every body concerned. Consequently each and every person from each and every field of life either male or female should be eligible to join these 'Part time Gurmat classes'. The classes are required to be started in each & every corner of the world, where so ever these are possible.

These 'Promotional Part time Gurmat Classes' can be established, with the mutual cooperation of Guru Ki Sangat & well Educated Scholarly Persons. The classes must be with their specified courses, tenure & specified period system. The classes should be carried on once or twice a week and not daily. Moreover each sitting should not exceed the maximum limit of two hours. Courses should be very simple, preliminary type and very short timed. These courses should start from one month's refresher course, then quarterly, half yearly and maximum up to the limit of one year course and not above. The Classes are must to be taken by the trained & educated, Gurmat staff.

The professors and the staff is required to be properly well paid. Despite the fact, somebody may offer the honorary services. The major condition on the part of the professors and staff is, that they should be with a dedicated spirit and dipped in well identified Gurmat Living, strictly based upon Gurbani Sikhaya. The staff or the professors belonging to some Dehras or else where else will not suit; rather they can damage the whole program. Expenses of the classes might to be roofed partly from the students and partly from donors at their own will but not conditional.

Building or class premises may also be affixed if offered from some School, College, Gurduara, Guru Ki Sangat. Otherwise these can be arranged at rentals basis. This way, at least we will be in a position to face & tackle the widespread tragedy of the day i.e. a big void which is been further widened swiftly, between one's life and Gurbani Sikhaya (teachings). This project is also not a time bound project but a long term program to carry on for the generations to come


Gurbani Vichar Smagams & Gurmat Educational Sessions ......

F  Where so ever the Gurduara management cooperates the suggested Gurmat Sessions are also advisable to manage within Gurduaras, and that stands for there own utility. Secondly, obtain & engage the suitable halls or auditoriums for the purpose of such Sessions & Seminars, at rental basis. Above all beyond the Gurduara premises this project is more helpful to reach the non Sikh masses and get them acquainted with the Gurbani Teachings.

F  Engage the Learned Gurmat Scholars, having academic qualifications also dedicated and involved in Gurmat life srictly based upon Gurbani Sikhay.

F  With full propaganda for the congregation, educate the audience having one after one the Gurbani Principals pertaining to human life. But this all is to be done with a much appealing simple & sweet language. The education of the audience must be done with logic and instructive manners conecting the Gurbani doctrine with our daily life. Because Gurbani is a Living Treasure for human being.

No doubt this project is also a project of permanent need within the community for the generations to come but again this is also a need of the time to face the present situation of deterioration.


Gurmat & Punjabi Education at Nursery level of our Kids........

Today 'Guru Ki Sangat' is prevailed all over the world. Therefore In each and every area of the world the system of preliminary Punjabi & Gurmat Education is a necessity within the children of the community. This work is also can be done by the appointment of good personality, well educated, sweet talk, Gurmat practicing, well paid Gurbani Scholars. Better it is if the Gurduara Management cooperates, otherwise at rented or offered premises. Classes should be taken once or twice a week & not more. Teaching within the classes shoul neither bulky nor boring or tiresome. Time period of the class should be with the mutual adjustment & facility but none class should cross the maximum limit of two hours. Tenure of the class must be affixed maximum five to six months and not above. Courses should strictly be very much interesting, charming & pertaining to the life routine of the children. Above all, necessarily attached with Gurbani way life and filled up with supporting examples from scrutinized Sikh History.

The project is again a project of permanent eminence for generations to come but delay is not appreciable. The Nursery of Gurbani concerned kids, should essentially be initiated with Guramt & Punjabi education combined..... at any part of the world and at community level. The project will also routinely & automatically assist in solving the present dilemma of un-employment within 'Guru Ki Sangat'

Back up to the Project-Till the time of Gurduara election system did not came on the scene, mostly the 'Granthies' within Gurduaras had to depend upon the locality mostly by the way called 'Handa' Moreover those people though not learned much but they had anxiety, dedication & zeal to impart the knowledge of Gurmukhi along with initial introduction of Sikhism. Though it not being the preliminary knowledge of Gurmat, even then it was much valid.

Soon after the 'Election System' over powered the Gurduaras, the 'Granthies' turned paid with their specified duties. As a result even the 'initial education of Gurmukhi along with initial introduction of Sikhism' all along came to stand still. This all resulted in, that within a short period of about 50 to 70 yrs even the grand parents within our families do not understand the writing and reading of Punjabi. As a result, today even the 'initial introduction about Sikhism' has become the past time story within so many Sikh families. The issue has properly been discussed within the Gurmat Lesson No 30 entitled with 'Paraahi Punjabi Di' available from GEC Delhi, just at about printing cost for the purpose of self study & further distribution within 'Guru Ki Sangat' toward 'Gurmat Parsaar'. But in nut shell it is to stress upon that at an initial stage the education of Gurmukhi along with initial Gurmat Education is inevitable for each and every kid attached to 'Guru Ki Sangat'


Gurbani Quiz among Children......

Literature Requirements for the Quiz:

Before Starting the project, the concerned Gurmat Literature is ought to be prepared. The proposed Gurmat Literature for Quiz purpose will be needed, within three sets of Books. (1) It should strictly be based upon Identified and clarified Gurbani Sikhaya in the form of Gurbani Quotations.(2) Filtered & scrutinized Sikh History.(3) Current affairs pertaining to Sikh way of life cum Current Sikh General Knowledge.

Out of these three sets of books, we need to impart further the clarification about the issue of Gurbani Quotations . Such quotations are required to be prepared in collections, based upon different principals of Gurbani. For example: Issue of Universal Father hood, issue of Universal Brother hood, cast and creed system, issue of human life, issue of intoxication, issue of pilgrimages & unwanted baths, issue of Self mortification or Self austerities (tup sadhne) and so on but all separately.

Again this collection based division of Gurbani Quotations, is further to be divided within three age and education groups. Moreover the quotations are to be provided along with summarized and extreme short meanings within the books prepared. This meaning process is simply needed for the self knowledge of the students and not at their Quiz time.

Now within the groups of competition when one student from one badge will quote any Gurbani Quotation the other part of the same group will pro the same principal of Gurbani with some other Quotation and so the proceeding will go on.

Implementation of the Quiz

Some organizations should come out Of the community and engage some learned educated scholars of Gurmat. Essentially those professors ought to be filled up with Gurbani living within their routine of life. They should also be in good personality with sweet behavior and logical conversational gift.

Visit different Sikh Schools...... organize over there the Quiz...... each Quiz performance has to be done within three steps based upon Gurbani, Sikh History & Current affairs of Sikh life. Further the Quiz is also desirable to be held within three phases, as per the age and educational group of the students.

Firstly: Take out Gurbani Quotations based upon instructions & guide lines to different principals of life keeping in view the age group and education level of the children concerned.

Secondly: Upon Sikh History right from 1469 till date, with objective type quarries.

Thirdly: The third part of the quiz should be purely based upon day to day doubts & confusions created by the ignorant or by the anti Sikh powers to harm the Sikh Generation.

This type of Quiz is a necessity within the community having its dictum to wash away those doubts and confusions but very politely and without hurting or naming any section of the society.

In all the three phases, each group has to be divided at least into two parts or more for contrast & competition purpose as it is being done within most of the quiz programs. After performance the participant students, which supersede, must to be awarded good incentives, along with encouragement at least at the level of 'Guru Ki Sangat'.

This is also an infinite time project for the generations to come. Like other suggested projects, it is obligatory to start with, quite urgently. this is a need of the time to enlighten our kids from their very early age. Moreover the Sikh Preaching organizations are requested to come out with the preparation & printings of all the three types of books as suggested, at the earliest. Delay can harm us much more but once our Kids are clear to their Gurbani Living, then no power on the earth can ever damage or shake them.